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Spiral Breath

Spiral breath up, around, and through the spine.

The spiral on the in-breath is up. It is down on the out-breath.

Toward the right, "clockwise" and up on the inhalation of the breath through the right nostril.

Down and left, "counterclockwise" on the exhalation of the breath through the right nostril.

For the breath through the left nostril it is reversed.

In and up, "counterclockwise" on the inhalation of the breath through the left nostril.

Down and right - "clockwise" on the exhalation of the breath through the left nostril.

When doing both nostrils together the spiral is in both directions simultaneously.

Pause at the end of both the top and bottom (up or down, in or out).

As you do both nostrils together hear the "bell" of the centers - charkas - on both up and down.

Follow the breath move to the top of the head and beyond. Shift your consciousness - your point of view - perspective - to from above. Feel your body as a vehicle. Let the breath penetrate through from that perspective. From that perspective feel/sense "yourself" surrounding your body. Then be breathed through your body, up and down the spine - at the same time as connecting to a larger breath on the right (the larger positive, masculine Breath) and on the left (the larger receptive, feminine Breath).

Get a sense of Breath from and to the Source - through the medium of "self" - which is slightly denser - through all the planes. Here you will find the mirror of the elements through creation - the heavens, as you move up and down the "staircase" or Jacob's Ladder. Associate the charkas - the centers - to the corresponding heaven world.

There is the heart center of the subtle body. Find/feel the Heart of the Heart center not in the same area but in the center of the cellular body - center of being/light/love. Rest in this. Be.

This is more refined than the subtle body. If you were to 'die' eventually the physical body would decompose. Then the psychic stuff would dissipate over 'time'. After that, as you rose higher and the attachment to and identification with the Subtle body (which contains the chakras or centers) was left, this would dissipate. Finally, your solar body, which contains the more real "personal" heart would be let go and 'you' would become/identify as more of that which is, in which Heart Exists. Rest here.

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