Learning Opportunities (2)

"The apparent is a bridge to the Real"

Teachings of the Way: Continued

This page goes into more detail on the specifics of what is offered through these introductory classes or meetings.

This is not some kind of "course" with a beginning and end. It is part of the ongoing transmission of Real Teachings - from the Only Teacher. Freedom is its own reward. Living is the process. These are not in-depth teachings. They are for those seeking out a path to realization and enlightenment. They are not geared for those seeking entertainment. The serious student or potential "walker of the path" is welcomed with open heart.

The classes are reminders of the way. They are drawn from the infinite, yet also have the taste of that which is shown through the paths, or approaces to realization. There are many aspects of some sufi inner teachings. They carry the sensibility of zen. They teach as the Buddha that all sentient beings can experience their true nature now. They touch on the mystic as shown through the Christian and Jewish paths and brough forth through Sufic Work. They are of the Real and True.

Following are links to several writings and talks. If you are considering attending, please read and listen to them. Please understand, these classes or meetings are not in any way discipleship. They are a preliminary means of understanding and experiencing a little more, and could be a further entrance into or further steps upon the path.

One writing referenced below is by a noted Sufi once spoke of some of his experiences with his teacher and guide (Murshid). This was over 100 years ago. These apply today as an example of some of the attitude we take toward these classes and then the more focused and work of the Real. It helps point toward the position to take in learning and the way toward more real living. While he was discussing discipleship, he also was speaking about life. I have titled this, "On Learning, The Way, and Your Inheritance". A second writing that can be useful is a section taken from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran. While titled "Good and Evil", it also speaks to larger approaches to life and learning.

Useful talks and writings.

There are many other writings and talks that can be of value in both assesing this work and the perspective, and gaining an insight into the path and spiritual realization. It would be beneficial to look through some of them by simply going to the contents page and following your nose. It would also be helpful to take a look at some of the work, practices, writings, and talks on two other sites: World-Light.org and Huuu.org. Following is a short list of some things to consider.

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Although you have just read a little about possibilities and approaches, they are not of the prime importance. They serve their purposes, but - like the song goes - "All you need is Love". Love is the key and the means. The goal is the unity of being - becoming again. The Infinite Heart is the conveyer of this Infinite Love. It focuses this experience of that first movement of Being - which continues now. It is love that leads you back and it is this that carries through to all the worlds and ends with function. Through love and The Infinite Heart we realize; and through this realization of being and learning the tools to function is how we accomplish right action, thought, approach, work, and relationship with the world(s) and all who dwell within. The rest is getting oneself toward that simplicity and forgetting all that is intermeditate. It is the unlearning, and goes beyond. The question is: how far do you really want to go? It is possible for someone to find some answers through these meetings.

What does it mean that an appropriate contribution is required? This may be money or something else. You will need to intuitively discern what you should offer. This continues the continuity of giving and receiving, and lessens a little of the aspect of greed. It is a contribution rather than a donation. You can figure out the differences. No set dollar amount is requested. What is required is that you contribute what you should for yourself at the time.

The Way extends to all who would walk upon it. It is a path wherever one walks, for there it forms as a walking to remembrance of self.

The following is from the Fusus al-Hikam, by Muhiyyi'd-din Ibn al-'Arabi:

"People are of two classes - those who walk on the path recognizing it and its end, for it is a straight path in respect to him; and those who walk on the path being ignorant of it and not knowing its end. It is the same path which the other class knows. The gnostic calls to Allah by inner sight, and the non-gnostic calls to Allah by limitation and ignorance. This is a special knowledge which comes from the lowest of the low because the feet are the lower part of the person, and what is lower than them is none other than the path. Whoever recognizes that Allah is the same as the Path, recognizes the matter for what it is. Then Allah is traveling on it since there is no known except Him, and He is the source of the wayfarer and the traveler. There is no knower except Him. He is you, so know your reality and your Path (tariqa). The matter has been made clear to you on the tongue of the interpreter, if you but understand. It is the true tongue, so the only one who will understand is the one whose understanding is Real."

What is a learning opportunity?

It is a time in which there can be some possible gain if approached correctly and followed with attention. It is a chance to breathe, to catch a breath, a feeling of Heart, and the Way. It is a chance to do some work, possibly do a practice or two, discuss, be prodded, live, enjoy, eat, relax, and move closer toward the Real.

It is a way in which The Teaching can be conveyed.

It is an opportunity to feel your way through some of the maze which inhabits what is called the spiritual path. And it is a way to gain both information and some experience toward the goal of realization and the means and processes of which this formation exists and uses.

A learning opportunity

may come in as many forms and means as there are people and approaches. These may be hidden or blatant - in plain sight. One may come for one purpose and find a myriad of other reasons why he or she is taking part. There may be times of discussion or times of quiet. There may be only one approach or attitude stressed or quality expressed. They will vary with the people, the time, the conditions, and the effort. The intention will come from the Guide rather than the seeker. It is open, fluid, quiet, noisy, closed, constricted, free, and none of the above. It could be through books, readings, meditations, practices, seem very spiritual, or be otherwise, with seemingly nothing to do with spirituality. It may test you or reinforce what you already know. It could be nothing like just described.

What may you expect?

Who knows? It will be what it will be. But, you can pretty much feel that there will be some opportunities for some people to speak privately with a person guiding the process. If there are several people there will also likely be some time of group activity. There may be practices. There may be a short talk; but it is much more likely there will be informal discussion at various times for you to join in or not. There may be some physical work; so come dressed in clothes which will accommodate that. Bring a change of clothing if you wish. You may come at any time and leave at any time you choose. There is no obligation to stay if you do not feel to.

Nothing is promised and nothing is eliminated if needed.

There is no charge of money, but you are requested to give of yourself and also make a monetary contribution if appropriate. It is necessary to keep a continuity of giving and receiving, so you will be called on to determine what to do and how to do it.

You will find much more information of value on this web site to get a better sense of approach, attitude, and process. You can also get a perspective of classes and teachings by reading the material pointed toward through the pages on classes and learning.

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Daily, weekly, and monthly practices.


One portion is instruction in becoming an active worker in healing. The other is requesting healing. More information is on the Healing Page.

There are many other opportunities available at all times. There is quite a lot of work to be done. Use your initiative. You are also welcome to help out with the work in Mentone or your own location, or make an appointment to come for a private meeting.

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